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Noted is your one-stop platform for indie music success. We empower artists globally to turn their passion into a career

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Noted is the culmination of my lifelong passion for music and business. I wanted to create a platform that not only supports independent artists but also equips them with the necessary tools to thrive in today's music landscape.
Jamari McNabbFounder, Noted Media

What we offer

Distribution services

Reach a worldwide audience through integrated distribution services, expanding your fan base beyond geographical boundaries

Performance Analytics

Access detailed analytics to understand listener demographics, preferences, and geographic distribution, helping you refine your music strategy

Project Marketing

Create compelling teasers to build anticipation for your project, generating a buzz and excitement among your audience

Royalty Management

Ensure fair compensation with transparency and automated royalty distribution. Secure your earnings through our royalty management system

Gig booking

Easily connect with event organizers and book gigs directly through the platform, making the booking process easier

Design generation

Design professional-grade album covers in minutes with our easy-to-use tools and stunning template library

Frequently Asked Questions

We have an upload media option. Once you click that simply choose which audio file you want to upload from your computer files.

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