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Let's help you find the best talent to work with from anywhere in the world.

Content is all around us in some shape or form. We feel as if the average content creator is unappreciated and that the best artist are oftentimes hidden gems. Noted was created to excavate these gems and put them on full display.

Jamari McNabb - Founder, Noted Media


Seamless talent search

Get connected to the best talent around the world without taking a step from the comfort of your room.


E2E encrypted chats

Never worry about the security of your conversations with other creatives. We don't have access to your conversations.


Multiple device access

Access your conversations on all your devices from anywhere in the world with your activities saved.

Match with the best creatives

With just a simple swipe you can get the ground running with the best creative on our networks of talented creatives right from your device


Preview works of creatives


Streamline your search


Easily view user profiles

Explore the amazing map features

Connect with the best creative on our networks of talented creatives right from your device with our map feature


Preview user profiles


Explore creatives from many cities


Select between a global search or within proximity

Other amazing features you want to know about


Endless messaging

Experience uninterrupted messaging. Chat with other creatives without limits or interruptions.


Robust search

Discover your perfect creative collaborator. Connect with like-minded creatives who share your vision and passion.


Personalized profile

Get creative with your profile. Show your skills and personality with a profile that truly reflects who you are.

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